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a world of traveling birds

bird release of summer

It is a practice that dates back to the origins of Buddhism and was added

to the Soto-Zen cultural corpus many centuries ago.

Its origin seems to come from China where devout practitioners bought

animals at the market (fish, turtles, birds, etc.), these animals having been captured

in nature and being intended for use as food. They brought these animals to the temple where a monk gave them refuge and some lessons before releasing them.

We regularly buy wild birds illegally captured in the wild by ignorant locals, who thus contribute to the disappearance of these often protected species. We release them occasionally after a period of rest / feeding at the riad of the birds.

Two of them were freed: - an alder siskin (see cage below) which took more than two days to find the door!!!

- a common linnet which, it left quickly (a few hours anyway)

May they move freely in the great sky and return to visit us to bring us the messages!

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