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Sacred music festival of Fes 2022

The Festival of Sacred Music of Fez -26th edition- should take place from June 9 to 12, 2022.

After two years of absence the greatest cultural activity of the city of Fez will be a hope for the future. This international festival almost died out during the recent crisis and this two-year interruption could help regenerate the original spirit.

The theme chosen is "Architecture and Sacred", the duration, greatly reduced, will be 4 days and the places chosen are essentially of modest size except for an evening at Bab Makina announced with Ibrahim Maalouf.

The planned program has not yet been confirmed.

We are delighted that this flame is rekindled and hope that the spirit that made this festival famous does honor to the intention of its founding fathers.

We'll update this post with the final lineup when it's known.

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